From Home to Medical School and Beyond, a Mother’s Support is Unending

Whether an Army brat or Army officer, each one is proud to serve this nation. They are not a band of brothers, but a band of sisters. And they’ve already shared a common bond and lifetime of experiences.

Army Maj. (Dr.) Nicole Miller Vietor, Army 2nd Lt. Natalie Miller, and Michelle Miller, soon to be commissioned as an Army second lieutenant, have had the same leader and mentor their entire lives: their mother, Rose.

As a lifelong “squad” leader, champion and mother of three daughters, Rose Miller is a natural leader. Soon, her youngest daughter, Michelle, will follow in the footsteps of her siblings as she prepares to attend F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences here.

‘I Never Thought of Us as a Military Family’

Rose Miller came from a military family. Her father served during World War II, and she married an Army officer. But as mother to a trio of girls, she said, she never imagined military service for any of her children, let alone all three of them. 

“My husband graduated from West Point and we spent five years in the military, but by time we had our three daughters, all that was behind us and we worked at corporate positions,” Rose said.  When she learned Nicole, the oldest, was looking at a career in the Army, Rose was surprised. 

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