Your questions answered on Iran and Israel relations

Tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, after israel launched missile attacks on Iranian targets in Syria, in response to rockets fired at its positions in the occupied Golan Heights on Wednesday night.

There has been international condemnation of the attacks, with the United States accusing Iran of trying to provoke a wider Middle East conflict.

So what could happen next in the region, and why are the countries in conflict? The BBC’s defence and diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus has answered some of your questions:

Why is there conflict between Israel and Iran?

There is little doubting Iran’s fundamental antipathy towards israel or its desire for the removal of the Jewish State. It has long supported radical groups opposed to Israel but now, because of its involvement in the war in Syria, it finds itself potentially on Israel’s northern border.

Syrian President Assad’s victory is now Iran’s regional opportunity.

Iran’s regional influence is growing. It is eager to establish itself as a military player in Syria. This – separately from its nuclear programme – is something that Israel sees as a fundamental threat.

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