‘Suck and Blow at Once’: UK FM Boris Johnson’s Oscillation on Russia in Syria


From “lifeline for murderous regime” to catalyst for “political settlement,” the assessment of Russia’s role in Syria by the UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has seen some turns in the last couple of years.

Since he assumed the position of Britain’s top diplomat in July 2016 and even before that, when he was still mayor of London, Mr. Johnson has issued a number of statements assessing Russia’s relations with the Syrian leadership and Russia’s role in the region.

The latest manifestation of Johnson’s estimation came on May 10 when he called on Russia to sway its influence in Syria and “press” its partners to “work towards a broader political settlement.”

His comments come following launch of Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria. The attack, according to Israel, was a response to rockets allegedly fired by Iranian forces.

“We also continue to call on Russia to use its influence to press those in Syria to cease their destabilizing activity and work towards a broader political settlement,” Johnson said.

His comments echoed a statement Johnson made in 2016, when he highlighted Russia’s crucial role in the region, saying “Russia has a unique opportunity to persuade the Syrian regime to end” what he viewed as “destructive military approach.” 

 Johnson Urges Russia to Push Sides to Syrian Conflict to End ‘Destabilization’

Last month Johnson was quizzed on the British-Russian relations…

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