US Intel Reportedly Suspects Iranian Forces Might Strike Israel Soon

Middle East

The Israeli Defense Forces remain on high alert after they have reportedly detected “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria.”

CNN has cited several US intelligence sources as saying that Iran is allegedly on the verge of attacking Israel, but that it is unclear when the attack could be staged.

“If there is an attack it might not be immediately clear it’s Iran,” one of the sources noted.

Representatives of the US-led coalition fighting jihadists in Syria, for their part, declared that they did not observe any changes in the behavior of the Iranian-backed forces operating on Syrian territory.

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“We’ve seen no change […] we closely monitor all threats to our forces, and as you know we retain our right to self-defense if we need to, but we see no change,” UK Army Major General Felix Gedne pointed out.

The remarks came amid reports that the Israeli Defense Forces “are on high alert for an attack” after the military picked up “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria.”

Tel Aviv has also reportedly instructed local authorities in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters.”

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