Face of Defense: Airmen Make Service a Family Affair

Air Force 1st Lt. Emily Lagarile and Capt. Scott Lagarile are stationed at Cavalier Air Force Station, North Dakota, less than 20 miles from the U.S. border with Canada. Winters can be rough, and the closest fast food joint is 25 miles away. It may be the Air Force’s only isolated installation in the continental United States, but that doesn’t separate these two U.S. Air Force Academy graduates.

Emily is the chief of training for the 10th Space Warning Squadron, and Scott is the 10th Space Warning Squadron’s chief of weapons and tactics. Their time at the Air Force Academy overlapped for two years, but the Lagariles didn’t meet until early in their careers when they both were assigned to the 20th Space Control Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Military, Family

Just over two and a half years later they married.

Emily is originally from Kansas City, Kansas, and is the third generation of her family to serve, graduating from the Air Force Academy in 2015. Scott is a second-generation U.S. citizen who followed his father’s legacy of military service by first enlisting in the Air Force as a special operations aircraft maintainer. He then went to the Air Force Academy and commissioned in 2013.

Scott works to build better techniques and procedures for the phased-array radar weapon system while…

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