Turkish State Media Descends Into the Swamp of Incitement Over Syria

Step forward Turkish state media outfit TRT World.

In an article by TRT contributor Sam Hamad – ‘The alternate reality that enables genocide in Syria’ – journalists who dare challenge the regime change propaganda of Western governments and their loyal media are vilified as latter-day Nazi war criminals. Not only that, Mr. Hamad makes clear the implication that on those grounds, the execution of said journalists is justified. 

Mr. Hamad writes: 

“From the very beginning of the Syrian war, there has been a tendency among a certain milieu of writers, academics, journalists and politicians to use the non-existent threat of a western war of “regime change” against Assad to support and justify the genocidal cause of Assad and his allies.”

Even a cursory reading of this passage confirms that it is the author rather than the subjects of his vilification who has embraced the alternate reality he avers in the title of his piece. The ‘non-existent threat of regime change’ in Syria Mr. Hamad asserts is contradicted by the facts. Western efforts to effect regime change in Syria, working through and in conjunction with regional allies such as the Saudis, is a matter of record. The CIA’s Operation Timber Sycamore, signed off by the Obama administration around 2012-13, and ended by Trump in 2017, leaves no doubt of it.

Then, too, we have the illegal presence of US troops in Syria, embedded with the opposition. With this in mind, is…

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