Russia to showcase robot tank in WW2 victory parade

Russia’s big Victory Day parade on Wednesday will feature a remote-controlled tank and other new weapons systems combat-tested in Syria.

The Uran-9 tank is armed with anti-tank rockets, a cannon and a machine-gun.

President Vladimir Putin restored the Soviet-era tradition of parading the latest armour and missiles on 9 May. It is the day Russians honour the millions who died fighting Nazi Germany.

New infantry buggies, drones and an anti-ship missile will also go on show.

Russia’s news reports (in Russian) that the Uran-9 and a “robot sapper” – a mine-clearing vehicle – called Uran-6 have both performed well for Russian forces fighting in Syria.

Russia has deployed special forces and a big array of warplanes to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against various rebel groups, including Islamic State (IS).

Image caption The remote-controlled Uran-6 has cleared minefields in Syria reports that the Uran-9 can locate a target itself but the decision to fire is taken by a commander sitting in an armoured truck up to 3km (1.8 miles) away.

The Uran-6 robot-sapper was used to clear mines in the Syrian hotspots of Palmyra, Aleppo and Deir al-Zour. Its controller steers it from a distance of up…

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