Norway Reportedly Letting F-35 Fighter Jets Rust for the Sake of Environment

Both the new F-35 fighter jets and the P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft will sustain rust damage to the tune of NOK 1.4 billion ($170 million), according to a report by Oslo Economics.

The F-35 US fighter jets, which are Norway’s most expensive defense acquisition and are touted as the backbone of the country’s Armed Forces, are facing another problem, the daily newspaper Klassekampen reported.

At Evenes, the main airbase in northern Norway, the runway must be cleared during the winter, but the Armed Forces are not allowed to use the most suitable chemical for environmental reasons. Instead, the Armed Forces have to be content with Aviform L50, a substance that is known to cause rust damage to the aircraft.

According to an independent report by Oslo Economics, rust damage associated with the chemical’s use at Evenes will lead to additional cost totaling NOK 1.4 billion ($170 million).

The F-35 Fiasco: Prized Fighter Jets Catch Norway Napping

The Air Force initially wanted to use urea to prevent ice from forming, but the airbase did not receive a permit due to the major damage due to acidification it would cause to protected wetland areas around Evenes.

The problem related to the rust damage caused by Aviform L50, a liquid de-icing agent based on 50 % potassium formate, has been known for a long time, which is why alternative options have been considered. According to Oslo Economics consultants, heating the runway would be the cheapest…

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