Yemeni Missile Unit Destroys Saudi Positions in Asir Region – Reports

The Yemeni military targeted Saudi Arabia’s army and mercenaries at the Ain al-Thwareen base in Asir area in response to the latest Saudi missile launch that hit Yemen and resulted in an unknown number of casualties, Yemen’s al-Masirah broadcaster reported on Sunday.

On Saturday, Yemen fired a Zalzal 2 rocket, which destroyed Saudi Arabia’s military positions in the country’s southern region of Asir, according to the media.

The broadcaster also reported that two Saudi servicemen had been killed by Yemeni snipers at the Haskul military base in Jizan, a Saudi region bordering the attacked Asir area.

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In the meantime, Saudi war planes conducted a string of airstrikes against the Yemeni governorates of Saada, Al Hudaydah and Hajjah held by the Houthi rebels. According to al-Masirah, the Saudi attacks claimed lives of at least seven civilians.

Houthi missile launches at Saudi Arabia have intensified following the deaths of several rebel leaders as a result of a Saudi-led coalition attack.

The Saudi-led coalition, consisting mostly of Persian Gulf countries, has been carrying out airstrikes against the Houthi movement since March 2015, when the rebels conducted a takeover in the country, which resulted in President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi fleeing Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. The Houthis, allied with ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, clashed with Hadi’s forces, with each side claiming…

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