Naxals Armoury Reloaded With Rambo Arrows, Rocket Bombs: Report

One of the newest technique is the use of an innovative explosive material called ‘rambo arrow’. (File)

New Delhi:  The Naxals have developed some latest “very lethal” and crude ammunition like ‘rambo arrows’ and ‘rocket bombs’ as part of their new IED armoury to launch attacks and inflict casualty on security forces, a latest report on the emerging trends in the LWE theatre has revealed.

According to a report prepared by a joint security command on IED threats, the Maoists have devised a smart way of concealing crude bombs “in animal excreta to deceive sniffer dogs” of the security teams from detecting and alerting their masters.

“There were occasions in the first quarter of 2017, when sniffer dogs of security forces were killed or injured as pressure improvised explosive devices (IEDs) exploded while the canines were getting agitated because of the obnoxious smell (of the excreta) while trying to detect the hidden IEDs,” the report accessed by PTI said. 

Two ferocious canines of the CRPF, famed as the ‘Osama hunters’, were killed last year due to Naxal planted IEDs in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, prompting the force to order an inquiry into these ‘highly unusual’ incidents.

The technique of concealing the IED under animal excreta is suspected to be the fatal explosions that claimed the lives of the canines, considered a vital tool to detect IEDs and save troops lives.

The forces have now been alerted against these new threats to their patrol…

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