Daesh Make ‘Friends’: Facebook Blamed for Introducing Terrorists to One Another


No sooner had the Cambridge Analytica scandal reached its climax than the social media company got entangled into a new debate over its counterterrorism policies, or more likely, the implications of a well-known tool that Facebook has been universally using to bring together those who think alike.

Facebook is now accused of introducing thousands of Daesh* extremists to one another through its broad “suggested friends” feature and thus facilitating the buildup of terrorist networks and their further extension, The Telegraph reported.

In broader terms, through a set of elaborate algorithms, Facebook has been connecting people with common interests, and more specifically, a thousand Daesh supporters in at least 96 countries whose accounts were analyzed in the framework of new research. 

The social media giant automatically harvests piles of personal information about its registered users, which subsequently come in handy in advert targeting and directing people towards others who, as Facebook alleges, share their interests. What the new research is focused on is the extent to which the well-known “suggested friends” feature has helped Daesh terrorists establish their intercommunity ties and promote their propaganda materials. The findings are due to be published later in May in a full-fledged report prepared by the Counter Extremism Project, a nonprofit that has recently called on tech companies to do…

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