‘A-Z’ Terror Threat: Snipers May Reportedly Target Royal Wedding Ride in Windsor


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have voiced a wish to celebrate their big day, among other things, by going on a 25-minute carriage ride along Windsor’s ancient narrow streets.

As preparations for the long-anticipated wedding are in full swing, the police have voiced major concerns, namely that of the old market town being exposed to terror attacks, including by snipers, the Sunday Times reported.

After the couple picked the royal open horse-driven Ascot Landau carriage, perfectly suited for dry weather, one senior police source updated on the security preparations told the newspaper that the procession is linked to major security threats, given the range of tall buildings towering over the procession route.

“It presents an A-Z of security problems and it would be very difficult to evacuate if there was an attack,” Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard, told the Sunday Times. Another source added: “There are so many areas where gunmen could hide and terrorists could drop things onto the procession below.”

According to the big day scenario, prepared by Kensington Palace, the newly wed couple is expected to step into their carriage following the wedding ceremony, with close family members standing on the West Steps of the palace to wave Harry and Meghan off.

To guarantee security at the event, which is expected to draw thousands of regal family fans, over 3,000 officers…

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