‘NSA Dominates Surveillance, Sabotage’ in Cyberspace – German Newspaper

Internet technology has increasingly become compromised and militarized. More and more hackers are active in cyberspace, and the scope of their activities poses a serious threat to global security, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote.

“The Internet is an American invention; the NSA dominates surveillance and sabotage, just as Facebook, Google and Apple run the commercial side. After all, the work has been going on for years,” the newspaper noted.

Arms Race in Cyberspace?

According to the media outlet, previous hacking attacks were in the so-called “phase 0,” which includes intrusion, spying and usage of malware.

“But now preparations for what the NSA calls “phase 3” are going on. Namely: the “domination” over a network, the ability to take control, manipulate and destroy,” the article said.

Many believe that the next military conflict won’t take place at sea, on land or in the air. The most likely place for it is cyberspace, and former US President Barack Obama was among those politicians who ignored this risk for a long time before leaving office with great anxiety, the newspaper noted.

New Battlefield: US Military Plans for First Electronic/Cyber Warfare Unit

“On his farewell visit to Berlin, he spoke of the impending arms race in cyberspace and called for political solutions,” it said.

On the Verge of War

The media outlet noted that the current situation on the Internet resembles a battlefield on the eve of a war.

“A huge potential…

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