Netanyahu’s Claim About Iran an Attempt to Distract From Syria Strikes – Scholar


With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing Tehran of allegedly continuing work on its nuclear program and the US willing to withdraw from the nuclear agreement, the dispute with Iran is now threatening to escalate into a military conflict, German analyst Ottfried Nassauer believes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s presentation on Monday, where he claimed to have documented evidence of Iran’s nuclear activities, comes just as the May 12 deadline looms for US President Donald Trump to decide whether or not to scrap an internationally-brokered nuclear deal with Iran and re-launch sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

The head of the Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security (BITS), Ottfried Nassauer, believes that the timing of Israel’s statement was chosen perfectly and is not a coincidence.

“Mr. Netanyahu has obviously been trying to convince American President Trump and his new Foreign Minister Pompeo to do what they always wanted to — withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran,” the analyst said.

“The presentation of Mr. Netanyahu contained essentially known facts. It was about documents before 2003. But he did not present any evidence that Iran was still working on nuclear weapons after 2009,” he added.

Israel Likely Fixed Intel Around US Policy Ahead of Attack on Iran Deal

According to the expert, Israel is seeking renewed international isolation of Iran…

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