World to be Deprived of Key Non-Proliferation Doc if US Quits Iran Deal – Lavrov

The Russian foreign minister has commented on the situation around the de-escalation zone in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, the training of militants in the areas near the town of al-Tanf as well as Israel with its IAEA data on Iran’s continuing nuclear program.

Russia is calling on Israel to immediately provide information on Iran continuing its nuclear program to the International Atomic Energy Agency if it has any, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“If Israel or anyone else received documents which allegedly prove Iran still having plans to develop nuclear weapons, then these documents should be given to the IAEA, which is responsible for implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of action [on Iranian nuclear program] immediately,” Lavrov noted.

Israel’s evidence of Iran continuing its nuclear weapons program is probably related to an earlier period already taken into account by the IAEA, according to Lavrov.

“Experts who participated in the preparation of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan and whose comments I heard show that these documents, refer to past activities that have already been taken into account by the IAEA inspection,” he said.

 Netanyahu, Putin Discussed Syria, Iran in Phone Talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an internationally-televised address on April 30, said that Israeli intelligence had 100,000 files proving that Iran continued to sustain a secret nuclear program despite signing the JCPOA….

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