The Inconvenient Truths Of The Anti-Naxal Gadchiroli Operation

The official version, as reported in the media, of the so-called encounters in the Gadchiroli region of Maharashtra on April 22 and 23 is that there was a “fierce encounter” with Maoists on April 22 in which, after a four-hour fight, an unspecified number of Maoists were killed. This was followed, says the official version, with more searches leading to another “encounter” the following day in which more Maoists were killed. This most “successful” ambush by the special force of the Maharashtra police, the C-60, along with the CRPF, has led to the elimination of three Maoist dalams. It is said that among those killed were 12 Maoist commanders who had a combined “bounty” of 86 lakh rupees on their head.

39 bodies have so far been found. Among the dead, at least 19 are women. According to a report, of the ten postmortems done, some deaths occurred due to “multi-organ failure due to bullet injuries and some due to drowning.”

The official version raises many questions. If there was a fierce encounter, how is it that the casualties are all on one side? The number of arms displayed by the police as having been found on the Maoists is far fewer than the number of those killed. Does this not mean that most of those killed were unarmed? If indeed the fight went on for hours as claimed, how is it that so many bodies were found only a day later floating in the river Indravati, bodies of those reported to have died due to drowning? What about the reports…

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