Berlin Should Try to ‘Get Out of Spiral of Escalation With Moscow’ – Politician


German politician from the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and chairman of the German-Russian Forum, Matthias Platzeck, told Passauer Neue Presse about the need for a dialogue between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Moscow.

“Angela Merkel is still respected in Moscow. She should travel to Russia and try to play a role of a mediator. That is absolutely necessary. We have to get out of this spiral of escalation,” the politician stressed.

According to Platzeck, such challenges as peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, climate change, refugee policy or the Syrian crisis can’t be resolved without Russia.

He also criticized US President Donald Trump for his contribution to the escalation of tensions between Russia and the West, recalling the US president’s recent warning toward Moscow amid the US missile attack on Syria.

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“We are in a very complex situation. There is no clear front line as in the Cold War. Soberness and rationality are all the more important now. If you post a slogan like “Russia, get ready” [referring to Donald Trump] on Twitter, it’s irresponsible. That is an absurdity. We can only be glad that Russia has reacted very calmly in this situation. We must do everything to secure peace again,” Platzeck said.

In his opinion, it is important “to restore reasonable relations with Russia. If not friendship or partnership, then at least a peaceful…

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