Reality Check: Are journalists increasingly under attack?

More than 2,500 journalists have been killed since 1990, and media rights groups warn, ahead of World Press Day on 3 May, of a growing trend of journalists being targeted for the work they do.

Monday was one of the most deadly days for journalists, with 10 media professionals killed in two separate incidents in Afghanistan.

After a suicide bombing in Kabul, journalists gathered at the scene to report on the aftermath. Within 15 minutes, a second suicide bomber, disguised as a journalist, arrived to target them. The Islamic State group (IS) said it carried out the twin bombings that left nine journalists and photographers dead, with many more seriously injured.

In a separate attack in the Khost region, BBC reporter Ahmad Shah was murdered later the same day. Two unidentified gunmen on a motorbike shot the 29-year-old as he cycled home in an area that was familiar to him.

Media captionThe second explosion targeted those at the scene of the first

These recent incidents bring the total number of journalist deaths in 2018 to 32, according to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

That’s over a third more deaths than between 1 January and 1 May last year, according to IFJ statistics. So, if the latest attacks are anything to go by, is being a journalist becoming more dangerous?

Lowest number in a decade

Media rights organisations have been…

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