Israel’s Remarks on Iran Sow Division Between Europe and US

Middle East

Earlier this week, during an internationally-televised address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country’s intelligence service had gathered over 100,000 files allegedly proving that Iran has continued to pursue a covert nuclear program.

According to the Israeli prime minister, the intelligence service managed to obtain secret materials allegedly confirming the existence of an Iranian military nuclear project, dubbed Project Amad. Netanyahu claimed that Tehran failed to comply with its international obligations, having concealed the program with an eye to use it in the future.

Ex-CIA Officer Estimates Impact of Netanyahu’s Intel on Trump Iran Decision

Many, however, have suggested that Netanyahu is seeking to pressure US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, which, he said was “based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception.” President Trump has consistently criticized the “flawed” nuclear agreement with Tehran, threatening to pull the US out of it if the accord is not amended – he has promised to make a final decision regarding the JCPOA by May 12.

Commenting on Netanyahu’s speech, President Trump said he hasn’t ruled out Washington leaving the deal, while other signatories to the accord – France, the UK and Russia – have reiterated their unwavering commitment to the…

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