DoD Official: Lethality, Readiness Drive Acquisition and Sustainment Reform

The National Defense Strategy’s priority of readiness and warfighter’s needs make it important for the Defense Department to be easy to do business with, the undersecretary of defense for acquisitions and sustainment said here yesterday.

At the first DoD Human Capital Symposium, Ellen M. Lord explained that the department’s former acquisitions, technology and logistics function recently became two organizations: acquisitions and sustainment, and research and engineering — each headed up by an undersecretary, as part of the effort to reform the Pentagon.

Lord noted the three lines of effort in the National Defense Strategy: lethality, strengthening alliances and partnerships, and reform.

“Everything we do is in the context of our National Defense Strategy, and one of the things that makes [Defense Secretary James N. Mattis] one of the best leaders in Washington is that he is very clear on his objectives,” she said.

Lethality and Warfighting

With the first line of effort being lethality, the undersecretary said, “make no doubt about it — we are about warfighting.”

“All of the dollars that we have been given — and Congress has given us a two-year omnibus bill — we have 14 percent more money than last year, … about a $700 billion budget that goes up about another $20 billion for 2019. We have budget certainty that we have not had in a long…

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