Army Secretary Notes Another Inflection Point for Service

The U.S. Army has faced inflection points in the past and is facing one today, Army Secretary Mark T. Esper told the Atlantic Council here this morning.

The secretary charted what the service must do in the coming years to push through this inflection point and remain the pre-eminent ground force in world.

He likened the situation today to what the service faced coming out of Vietnam in 1973: a long war, political turmoil, budget uncertainties and more.

“We’ve been here before,” Esper said. “The Army, today, is at a strategic inflection once again. We are coming off many Years of hard conflict, but unlike the Army of 1973, we can’t afford to put low-intensity conflict in the rear-view mirror. We have to carry our hard-won competencies in irregular warfare forward.”

More Complicated World

Today, the Army secretary said, the world is even more complicated, with America now in great power competition with Russia and China, and the U.S. military must be prepared for a high-end fight.

“These evolving challenges reflect the changing character of war,” he said. “We are entering an era where our forces will be under constant observation, disrupted communications – if not nonexistent communications.”

The threats will span the domains, including cyber and space, and that forces the Army to devise strategies and doctrines…

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