Swaziland has a new name – eSwatini – but what else has changed?

King Mswati III of Swaziland has changed his country’s name to eSwatini. The BBC’s Nomsa Maseko asks whether the lives of its citizens will change?

Crowds waved flags and cheered for King Mswati as he arrived for Independence Day celebrations.

The absolute monarch, who rules over one of the poorest countries in Africa, arrived in a top-of-the-range BMW.

Still, people were impressed. A member of the crowd waiting to welcome him, Nomusa Dlamini, told me that the king’s father wouldn’t recognise the country now, after all the new roads and infrastructure.

“Our country is peaceful,” she added, with her son by her side.

The kingdom has indeed not seen a civil war in over five decades, but activists would question whether it could be defined as peaceful.

It has a parliament but opposition political parties are banned from its chambers.

This is a major concern for pro-democracy activists.

Image caption Mario Masuku has been jailed for his calls for democracy

The leader of the People’s United Democratic Movement, Mario Masuku, has been in and out of prison for years, but never convicted.

In 2008 he was arrested on terrorism charges and spent about a year in…

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