Fadi al-Batsh killing: Israel dismisses involvement

Israel’s defence minister has dismissed suggestions that spy agency Mossad had assassinated a Palestinian lecturer who was shot dead in Malaysia on Saturday.

Avigdor Lieberman said it was likely that Fadi al-Batsh, 35, was killed as part of an internal Palestinian dispute.

Two men on a motorbike fired 10 shots, killing the Hamas member on a street in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

His family has accused Mossad of being behind the killing.

Mr Lieberman told Israeli radio that the scientist was a rocket expert and “no saint”.

“He wasn’t involved with improving the electricity grid or infrastructure and water. We have heard the announcements by the heads of the Hamas taking responsibility for the man, explaining he was involved with the production of rockets, with improving the rockets’ accuracy,” he is quoted as saying by Haaretz newspaper.

Asked when he had heard about the killing, he said: “We heard about it in the news. There’s a tradition at this point among terrorist organisations of blaming israel for every settling of accounts.

“A settling of scores among terrorist organisations, among terrorists, among various factions, is something that we see from time to time. I assume that’s also what occurred in this case.”

Hamas has accused israel of conducting assassinations of its experts abroad in the past, although Mossad has never confirmed such operations.

A recent case involved the killing of a Tunisian national who was believed to be a Hamas…

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