Syrian Army Discovers Ex-Militant Base and Weapons Cache Under Hospital in Douma

Middle East

Militants and their allied propaganda groups, such as the infamous White Helmets, have repeatedly accused the Syrian Army of deliberately targeting hospitals. Damascus has denied these claims and no evidence has been provided to substantiate the militants’ accusations.

Troops from the Syrian Army discovered a massive militant base underneath the National Hospital in the recently liberated city of Douma in Damascus, according to emerging reports and circulating footage.

Militants from the Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) terrorist group used the facility as a weapons cache and hiding place, potentially using patients in the above hospital as human shields to deter Syrian warplanes from attacking the base, or to trick them into unknowingly striking the hospital to draw in foreign military intervention.



Government forces recently entered the city of Douma after regaining control over it from hardline Islamist militants in the East Ghouta region. Douma is where the alleged chemical attack took place earlier this month, prompting the US, the UK and France…

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