Norway to Host Largest NATO War Games in Years


The Trident Juncture NATO drill, of the highest caliber ever held in Norway, is expected to leave a mark on the nation’s everyday life. In the course of four months, over a hundred Norwegian municipalities will experience a marked increase in traffic and noise, spurring the authorities into taking unparalleled preparatory action.

In total, the drill will feature 35,000 NATO soldiers from numerous member states gathering in Norway, ranking among some of the most extensive exercises held in the Scandinavian country in years, affecting tens of thousands of ordinary Norwegians, national broadcaster NRK reported.

While the Trident Juncture drill itself, whose stated goal is to bolster cooperation within NATO and with so far still non-aligned partner states, is expected to take place from October 25 to November 7, a large-scale presence of NATO forces will be felt in large swaths of Norway for a period of several months.

In total, over a hundred municipalities across the country will be affected by increased traffic and noise in connection with the extended traffic exercise. The Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, Oppland and Hedmark counties will be most affected, but the military will be visibly active in much of the country for a period spanning from August to December.

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