Cutting-Edge Nazi WWII Submarine Found Off Danish Coast (PHOTOS)

A rare submarine, which is a precursor to modern-day underwater warfare and is rumored to have been used for a mysterious getaway operation involving high-ranking Nazis, has been located close to Denmark.

The remains of a rare German submarine, which spearheaded the marine technology of its time, has been found in the Skagerrak area off Denmark’s coast as part of the Sea War Museum Jutland’s work to map and eventually salvage wreckages in the North Sea, Danish TV2 reported.

The German U-3523 submarine, was sunk by a British B-24 Liberator bomber on May 6, 1945, the very day the Allied Forces liberated Denmark from the Nazi German occupation. All 58 crew members died.

The U-3523 wreckage was found close to the Horn of Skagerrak, nine nautical miles away from where it was previously thought to have been sunk, the Sea War Museum Jutland explained.

“This was a very special U-boat. It was the most advanced submarine the Germans built during the [Second World] war. It was highly modern and far ahead of its time,” Sea War Museum Jutland director Gert Normann Andersen told TV2.

According to Andersen, 118 of the cutting-edge submarines were ordered, but only two actually made it to the navy and entered service.

Only one preserved example of this submarine class exists, currently on display at the German Maritime Museum at Bremerhaven, Lower Saxony, which was one of Nazi Germany’s main submarine bases during WWII and remains one of the nation’s pivotal…

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