Eastern Ghouta Militants to Be Deployed to Yemen Via Saudi Arabia – Reports

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that a total of 170,152 people, including 63,117 militants and their relatives, had been evacuated from the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta during a large-scale humanitarian operation in the area.

500 Jaysh al-Islam* militants who were earlier evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, plan to go to Yemen, according to the pan-Arabic satellite television channel Al Mayadeen.

It cited its own source as saying that the terrorists first intend to illegally arrive in Saudi Arabia, from where they will try to enter Yemen.

On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told a news briefing that the Russian Reconciliation Center along with Syrian authorities  are wrapping up a large-scale humanitarian operation in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

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“A total of 170,152 people were evacuated from the area, including 63,117 militants and members of their families,” Konashenkov said.

The relocation of Jaysh al-Islam militants from Eastern Ghouta to the northern Syrian province of Aleppo began late last week, in line with a Russia-brokered deal to release the militants’ prisoners.

The Syrian Army gained control of most of Eastern Ghouta on March 31, when it managed to lift the militants’ blockade of a major highway between Damascus and the rest of the country.

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