Russia-US Military Communication Channel in Syria Open – Kremlin


In wake of Trump’s “Russia, get ready” tweet on Syria, Moscow underlined the necessity to refrain from any steps which could lead to an escalation in the region.

As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov specified, the communication through military channels between the Russian and US armed forces on Syria is active.

“This line exists and it is in an active state… On the whole, I say that the line is being used from both sides,” Peskov told reporters when asked whether the Russian and US military departments really use the communication channel to avoid casualties among Russian servicemen in case of strikes on Syria.

However, the spokesman noted that Moscow was closely monitoring the statements coming from Washington.

“Russia follows closely the relevant statements that come from Washington. We still think that it is necessary to refrain from any steps which could lead to an increase in the escalation in Syria,” Peskov told reporters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have any phone calls with US President Donald Trump in his schedule, Dmitry Peskov said.

‘Get Ready Russia! Trump Threatens Attack on Syria, Moscow Strikes Back

“The president does not have a phone call with US president Trump on his schedule. Moscow and Washington did not discuss this topic, it was not initiated by anyone,” Peskov said when asked whether the leaders would discuss the situation in Syria.

Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy


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