Farewell, Fatherland: Half of Young Finns Ready to Move Abroad


Finns under the age of 35 are increasingly open to the possibility of moving abroad, preferably to other European nations. Coupled with increasingly hospitable attitudes toward international labor, this indicates an ongoing internationalization of the millennial generation, that is, people born between the early 80s and the late 90s.

A recent survey from the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals Akava shows that 44 percent of Finns aged 18 to 35 are “likely” to leave Finland, citing better career opportunities, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported. The survey was conducted by the pollster Aula Research and had a special focus on job-seekers who had a higher education.

In a reinforcement of the nation’s increasingly globalist stance, an overwhelming 71 percent said that Finland’s EU membership was of paramount importance, as it provided them with the sought-after opportunities. By contrast, only 18 percent were critical of the EU.

“The global and the international are for many college-educated young people obvious parts of the working life and an important way of developing their skills,” Akava expert Miika Sahamies ventured.

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