Yulia Skripal’s Discharge From Hospital Fails to Add Clarity to Poisoning Case

The Skripals were found unconscious on a bench at a shopping center in the UK city of Salisbury on March 4. Yulia Skripal regained consciousness in late March. The hospital confirmed her release on Tuesday, but her current whereabouts is unclear. The Sun newspaper has reported, citing a source, that Yulia had been transported to a hospital on the territory of a military base, while the BBC broadcaster said she had been brought to a “secure location.”

Localc Seemingly Unfazed Amid Media Panic

The United Kingdom has accused Moscow of orchestrating the attack on the Skripals using a substance that belongs to the Novichok group of chemical weapons developed in the Soviet Union. Russia has denied the accusations.

The official UK position on the case has been reflected in multiple media stories. Colin Alexander, an assistant professor of political communications at Nottingham Trent University, warned that, while some news consumers look for different sources, many people tend to look for the outlets that simply confirmed their already existing point of view.

“Essentially, the people who want it to be Russia, will find news sources that will say ‘it’s Russia’… The Russia angle fits a range of other foreign policy issues and political narratives that we have at the moment,” the scholar said.

The description of Salisbury post-incident is a prime example of two different points of view: many media outlets depicted the city as a “ghost town,”…

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