US Reportedly Mulls Powerful Strike on Syria, 22 Targets Include Russian Sites

While Moscow and Damascus are pressing for a fair investigation, maintaining that it was a false flag attack, US President Donald Trump and his advisers have been discussing a military response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Douma – an attack that will be more aggressive than last year’s Tomahawk missile strikes.

According to the New York Times, White House staffers and national security officials are concerned that an attack of the same scale as last year’s strike on a Syrian base would prove ineffective at halting Damascus. The Trump Administration officials expect that use of force is the only credible deterrent against further chemical attacks, suggesting hitting a few targets and extending strikes beyond a single day. The White House has canceled the president’s long-scheduled trips to Peru and Colombia so that Trump may focus on response to Syria.

At the same time, US authorities are not disclosing the details of the potential military response, however, Trump has recently spoken with several world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and agreed not to allow chemical weapons to be used in Syria. It remains unclear whether any of Trump’s allies will take part in the strikes.

Earlier, the US Navy had announced its decision to deploy the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group to the Middle East, along with the guided-missile cruiser…

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