US Officials Claim Syrian Military Repositioning Air Assets – Reports


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No official statement on the issue has been made by Damascus, despite numerous reports on Syrian military relocation due to the threat of a US airstrike circulating in the media.

In wake of President Donald Trump’s threats to possibly ramp up military action against Syria this week in response to an alleged chemical attack in Douma, the Syrian military has repositioned some air assets, the Reuters news agency reported, citing US officials.

However, the officials failed to comment whether the Syrian moves would influence the US military plans.

The Syrian side, in its turn, hasn’t made any official statement on the military relocation, despite a great number of media reports claiming that Damascus was shifting its forces amid US threats of airstrikes.

Trump’s Twitterstorm

Earlier in the day, the US President took to Twitter to call for Russia to “get ready” for “nice and new and smart” missiles in Syria as a response to the alleged chemical attack in Douma. The tweet was followed by another one, urging Moscow to stop what he described as an “arms race.”

 “Get Ready Russia!” Trump Threatens Attack on Syria, Moscow Strikes Back

Media reports implied that Trump and his advisers had been considering a “powerful” military response to the alleged use of a chlorine bomb, deeming it the only credible way to deter further chemical attacks.

Reacting to Trump’s harsh tweets, Russian Foreign Ministry…

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