Twitter Users Mock NATO Plane Drawing ‘Phallic Symbol’ Near Syria Amid Tensions


Earlier US President Trump posted a threat on his Twitter page to strike Syria with missiles in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma, warning Russia “get ready,” if it expects to intercept them. Moscow has previously warned Washington against such actions, promising an appropriate response.

The CivMilAir Twitter account, monitoring airplane movements, published the trajectory of a NATO E3 Sentry AWACS early warning and control aircraft circling near the northern border of Syria. But what drew Twitter users’ attention is the somewhat “unusual” shape of the recon plane’s trajectory, which is normally circular.

US Navy Pilots Drew ‘Penis’ in Sky (PHOTO)

Twitterians didn’t hesitate to mock the NATO pilots’ art of drawing “phallic objects” in the skies, while performing recon.

NATO vs Syria, Russia, Iran: Damascus Again Accused of What Has Yet to Be Proven

Another recon plane, a Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, was spotted on the radars by the same Twitter account flying near the Syrian coast, where the Russian airbase Hmeimim and logistics base at the Tartus port are located.

The aircraft left the Sigonella air base on Sicily on April 11, spending several hours circling at an altitude of 6.8 kilometers over international waters in the Mediterranean near the Syrian coast, flying as near as 50 km from the Russian bases.

The US has accused the Syrian government…

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