Ex-UK Chancellor Urges May to Attack Syria, Let Parliament Ask Questions Later


US President Donald Trump is mulling over options to launch a strike against the Syrian Army and other branches of Syria’s armed forces in response to an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma earlier this month. France and the UK are also considering militarily intervening in the ongoing conflict, to weaken the Syrian government.

Ex-UK Chancellor George Osborne has called on British Prime Minister Theresa May to strike Syria without seeking approval from the House of Commons, as it’s likely such a vote will fail by a bigger margin than it did in 2013, as May’s government is weak and there is little appetite for military intervention, especially without any concrete evidence implicating President Assad.

‘Some Substance’: Nauert Fails to Name Type of Chemicals Allegedly Used in Douma

The former chancellor made the calls for war against Syria via an editorial in the Evening Standard on April 10, which he serves as the editor of.

“Mrs May does not need to hold a parliamentary vote. There is no law that requires the government to seek the consent of the House of Commons before taking part in air strikes. Our constitutional arrangements are clear: the Prime Minister, using the powers delegated by the Queen as our commander-in-chief, can alone authorise the deployment of military forces,” the editorial reads.

Mr. Osborne went on to warn that the UK’s absence from a potential…

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