Don’t Attack Syria: Look What Trump Tweeted When Obama Was ‘in da House’


Get ready for “nice, new and smart” missiles to hit Syrian targets – Donald Trump’s stance when it comes to the Assad government and possible strikes in the war-torn country has been clear, however, it has not always been quite… the same. In fact, the only commitment the US President hasn’t traded in when it comes to Syria is the one to Twitter.

Presidency changes people. And the US President is no exception… at least that’s according to his own very popular Twitter feed. In 2018 Donald Trump has been stepping up his aggressive rhetoric towards Syria, actually promo-ing “nice and new and smart” US missiles to be launched against Bashar Assad, hereby referred to as “the Gas Killing Animal” who “kills his own people.” However, rewind to 2013 and the Big Donald is not only less hostile towards the Syrian president, he is simply AGAINST any sort of military invasion in Damascus’ ongoing war against terror.

In fact, throughout the same year Trump not only claims he would never go into Syria

…he also says the US would look very bad if it attacked Syria… well, that’s of course if it were done by the then-incumbent Barack Obama…

…whose weakness and indecision helped save the US from a costly involvement…

…Donald even feels free to give advice to Barack on how to make lifeline decisions: forget Syria and Make America Great Again

…and simply cannot understand the United States’ double…

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