US to Deploy Harry Truman Strike Group to Middle East Amid Syria Tensions

The move comes on the heels of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, which Moscow and Damascus have described as a provocation, while US President Donald Trump said would “be met forcefully.”

The US Navy announced that the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group, currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, will head for a new deployment in the Middle East. The carrier, along with the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and destroyers USS Arleigh Burke, USS Bulkeley, USS Forrest Sherman and USS Farragut, will head out for its new designation on April 11.

According to the US Navy, two more destroyers, the USS Jason Dunham and USS The Sullivans, will join the strike group later. It was also reported that the German frigate FGS Hessen will accompany the group during the first half of the deployment.

 Trump, Macron Agree on Joint Response to Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria

US Navy representative Lt. Chloe Morgan noted that this is a “planned redeployment,” but refused to disclose the date of the strike group’s arrival and the length of its stay in the region. The group will act in the zone of operational responsibility of the 5th and the 6th US fleets. The 5th fleet is responsible for the western part of the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf, while the 6th fleet operates in Mediterranean.

Earlier the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Navy may send the destroyer USS Porter in addition to another (the USS Donald Cook) currently stationed…

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