Israel probes video of 'soldiers shooting Palestinian and cheering'

Israel’s military says it is investigating video footage, filmed through the scope of a rifle, allegedly catching soldiers cheering the shooting of an apparently unarmed Palestinian.

The video, which went viral online and featured prominently on Israeli TV, was denounced by Israeli politicians.

The military said the shooting, seemingly on the Israeli-Gaza border, probably occurred a few months ago.

The case comes at a time of heightened tensions over Gaza.

israel has faced mounting criticism for shooting dozens of Palestinian, many fatally, during clashes at protests along the border in the past two weeks.

israel has defended its actions, saying it has only used live fire against individuals trying to breach the border fence, or those using weapons or explosives.

‘Horrifies the mind’

In the video broadcast on Monday, three men are seen nearing a barrier or fence. The crack of an apparent gunshot is heard and one of the men, who had been standing still and appeared to be unarmed, falls to the ground.

A voice is heard to exuberantly declare in Hebrew: “Wow, what a video. Yes! Son of a bitch! What a video!”

A crowd of people are then seen rushing to retrieve the man who was shot. His condition is not clear.

The video first appeared on Israel Channel 10 television and was widely shared online, drawing shocked reactions.


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