Famed Iraqi Humanitarian Visits Army Medical Center

An Iraqi humanitarian lauded as a national hero visited here March 26 to learn how the U.S. military cares for its wounded and injured warriors and their families.

Aliyah Khalaf Saleh, known as Umm Qusay in Iraq, toured Brooke Army Medical Center’s Warrior and Family Support Center.

The Warrior and Family Support Center provides coordinated services to patients, next of kin and extended family members.

As Umm Qusay walked through the center, she expressed her admiration for its recreational rooms, playgrounds and lush gardens.

“I don’t have enough words to say about this place,” Umm Qusay said through an interpreter as she settled in her chair, gathering her black robes trimmed in gold around her. “I’ve never seen this in Iraq before. I would love to help injured, sick, children who are sleeping in streets, widows who have nothing.

‘I See Great Courage Here’

“I see such great courage here helping injured soldiers and taking care of them, providing services,” she added. “I want to learn from you because of everything being offered here.”

Umm Qusay’s devotion to others came at great cost. The 62 year old was born in the Iraqi province of Salah al-Din, near Tikrit. She was not afforded the opportunity to attend school and was married at age 13.

In 2014, great tragedy struck her family, at the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria…

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