Russian Embassy to UK: London Destroying Evidence Related to ‘Skripal Case’

“The fake news on Saturday from Duma is geared toward drawing the attention of society away from the Skripal case, which was muddled up by London, and throwing on Russia completely unconfirmed accusations with the aim of pulling solidarity to build an anti-Russian alliance,” Nebenzia said.

On Saturday, several opposition online news portals reported, citing Syrian militants, that the country’s army had used chlorine in Douma. According to media reports, the “chemical attack” killed up to 70 people and injured hundreds of others. In turn, Syria’s SANA news agency reported citing Syrian officials that these allegations were merely a provocation by Jaish al-Islam group and other militants to hinder the advance of the Syrian government’s army.

On Sunday, the Russian reconciliation center for Syria categorically refuted media reports about the Syrian armed forces having dropped a chlorine-filled bomb on Douma. The center’s representatives have visited the place of the alleged chemical attack and questioned local doctors, who said that they had not received individuals with symptoms of chemical poisoning.

Moreover, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that such information aimed to make legit cover for terrorists and justify possible external military intervention in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) involvement in the Skripal poisoning case has become obvious after reports emerged that the US spy agency offered shelter…

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