Ex-Afghan President Karzai: Only Russia Can Help, Not US Who’s Been Killing Us

Middle East

Afghanistan has been dealing with dire security instability for years, with the situation becoming sharply worse in recent months, as the Taliban has been carrying out offensives on major cities.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday that Russia was the only force that could help Afghanistan fight terrorism.

“I understand perfectly well that if you [Russia] build new relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan, you can help us. Not the Britons as we kicked them out of the country several times, not the Americans as they’ve been killing us for 17 years, but Russia only. We [Afghanistan] are the last barrier from terrorists. We’ve been fighting continuously for a century and a half,” Karzai toldthe Russian NTV TV channel.

“Moscow has always helped us, even when its forces invaded Afghanistan at the invitation of then-president Babrak Karmal. We surely fought each other at those times, but you [Russia] used to build schools and hospitals in Afghanistan. Americans lie when they say that al-Qaeda emerged as the result of your invasion. They used the war to grow al-Qaeda in Pakistani military camps. They wanted to be the only superpower and they did it. The USSR collapsed and one of the reasons was the Afghan war,” Karzai said.

The former president noted that, when the US had declared war against the Taliban, he had told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “something wrong began to emerge.”

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