Brits to Reportedly Wall Themselves Off From Novichok Amid Skripals’ “Miracle”

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who were allegedly poisoned by an A-234 military grade nerve agent in the British town Salisbury, have both regained consciousness and their health is improving; but at the same time, British officials are not eager to abandon their anti-Russian agenda and are instead going even further.

First the British police announced on April 6 that Yulia Skripal’s health was getting better and then Salisbury Hospital reported that her father had regained consciousness as well and that his condition is improving. Both these developments sounded miraculous, especially after all the talk from UK officials about the A-234 military grade nerve agent, allegedly designed by Russia to assassinate targets with almost 100% efficiency, which was eagerly picked up by Western media, depicting the horrible consequences of contact with the “deadly Russian chemical weapon.”

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However, it seems that the “miraculous” recovery of both Skripals from the alleged “attack” by the deadly nerve agent didn’t stop local authorities from being extremely cautious about the case. The UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday reported that Salisbury authorities are planning to build 3 meter high walls around areas which the pair visited after allegedly coming into contact with the A-234 substance.

But the extreme care for citizens’ health hasn’t stopped there,…

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