March of Return: Has the Third Intifada Finally Arrived?


Palestine’s March of Return descended into bloodshed after israel shot scores of unarmed protesters that advanced towards the border, pouring fuel on the fire of what might turn out to finally be the Third Intifada that’s been talked about for a few months already.

Hamas called for a Third Intifada back in December after Trump recognized the entirety of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but apart from a symbolic meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the highly publicized arrest of Ahed Tamimi, there wasn’t much to show for this latest rebellion until now.

That changed just the other day when thousands of Palestinians were mobilized to march on the border during what they regard as Land Day in order to demand that they be allowed to return to their homes after the forced 1948 expulsion that they call the Nakba, to which israel responded by deploying troops, snipers, and drones in killing over a dozen of them who ventured too close to the frontier and injuring hundreds more in the process. Israel has since rejected all calls for an international investigation and refuses to take responsibility for what happened, justifying its actions on the basis of securing the border.   

The Palestinians are outraged by Israel’s nonchalant attitude towards these killings but found some consolation in the widespread support for their cause, with Turkish President Erdogan…

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