Global Coverup of Israeli Killing of Unarmed Palestinians Must Stop – Corbyn

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday hit out at israel over the killing of at least 27 unarmed Palestinian protesters during rallies on the Gaza border and criticized international powers for silencing what he describes as an ‘outrage.’

At a rally outside Downing Street in London, Corbyn criticized “the silence from international powers” about “illegal and inhumane” actions by israel and demanded that UK Prime Minister Theresa May backs the United Nation’s call for an independent international inquiry into reports that Israeli soldiers fired “live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians.”

He also suggested that the UK government must review the sale of arms that could be used — particularly by Israel — “in violation of international law.”

The remarks came after Israeli troops on Friday opened fire from across the border between Israel and Gaza, killing at least nine unarmed Palestinians — including a journalist — and wounding hundreds more in the second mass protest in eight days, raising the death toll since last week’s major outbreak that saw 18 Palestinians killed protesting a border blockade of territories seized by Israel in 1948.

Israel’s response to the protests has drawn international criticism, with human rights groups saying it involved demonstrators being shot as they prayed, walked empty-handed toward the border fence, or simply held up a Palestinian flag.

“The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed…

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