Chronic Gaza Riots: Week of Violent Rallies on Israeli Border (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Unrest at the border of the Gaza Strip has peaked since thousands of Palestinians started a six-week-long protest on March 30 for their right to return to their former territories in Israel, while the Israeli military opens fire and uses tear gas.

So far, dozens of people, including a reporter, have been killed and hundreds have been injured in clashes on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Nineteen people died on March 30, when a standoff at the border grew into clashes with the Israeli forces, making that Friday the deadliest single day in the territory since a 2014 war with the Jewish state.

Violence Point Zero

On March 30 tens of thousands of Palestinians including women and children gathered in camps down the fence. The rallies, inspired by the Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas, commemorate “Land Day” when Arabs honor the six Palestinian protesters who were shot and killed by the IDF in 1976 and are planned to last till mid-May.

What was meant to be a peaceful standoff has grown into violent clashes; the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which doubled its military personnel in the area and deployed snipers, opened fire, used tear gas and other anti-riot means to prevent the protesters from crossing the border.

The IDF claimed the protesters were not peaceful, threw Molotov cocktails, stones and set tires on fire, while terrorists tried to infiltrate the Israeli territory.

About 40,000 Palestinians were…

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