‘Essentially Nothing Changed’ in US Policy in Syria – Joint Staff Chief

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Despite US Donald Trump’s intention to withdraw troops from Syria, US military officials continue to insist on the opposite policy.

Speaking about Trump’s recently announced plans to return US troops back from Syria, the director of the US Joint Staff, Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, noted that “essentially nothing has changed” in the country’s policy in the Arab Republic. However, he stated that the US-led coalition is “very close” to completing its mission on Syrian soil, in the fight against the Daesh* terrorist group.

“A lot of great work’s been done in Syria. We are very close to reaching an end state against the caliphate,” McKenzie said. “We think as we go forward one of the things that we haven’t been given is a timeline, and that’s actually very effective. And that might have been a problem that we saw before in Afghanistan where we operated against the timeline that was known to the enemy.”

Trump’s Mixed Signals

The initial March 3 statement by US President Donald Trump, vowing to pull out the country’s troops from Syria in the near term, was met with opposition from Trump’s special envoy to the US-led coalition, Brett McGurk and a number of top US officials, such as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford and some others.

 While Trump Wants Pullout From Syria, Officials Reportedly Advise the Opposite

McGurk’s stance insisted…

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