Kuwaiti, U.S. Ordnance Techs Share Experience, Techniques

By Army Sgt. David L. Nye U.S. Army Central

Explosive ordnance disposal technicians with the Kuwait Land Forces and the U.S. Army trained together March 22 at Gerber Training Area here, to improve both countries’ ability to counter improvised explosive devices during terror attacks in cities.

Kuwaiti officers led the way through the training lanes using their tactics, techniques and procedures, allowing the U.S. observers to pick up some ideas and to share some of their own techniques.

“Today we’re working with our Kuwaiti partners to practice working in an urban operation, just to better familiarize ourselves and our Kuwaiti partners in what might happen in a Boston bombing or Paris, France-style attack,” said Army Staff Sgt. Zachary Zalesny, an explosive ordnance technician with the 797th Ordnance Company.

In deliberate terror attacks like what took place in Boston, Paris, and other locations, attackers often plant multiple devices to sow confusion and uncertainty.

Slow, Methodical Search

“The big key points when dealing with an attack like that is that there’s usually a lot of areas where improvised explosive devices might be hidden, and you have to move slowly and methodically to make sure you don’t miss anything,” Zalesny said.

The Kuwait Land Forces officers used simple tools and techniques to spot probable enemy devices and other traps, then worked…

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