Secret Missile System Data Leak Reportedly Compromises Sweden’s Defense

A local defense expert has called the leakage of the data on “one of Sweden’s main attack weapons” “injurious to the security of the country,” venturing that the incident could have major consequences that undermine the nation’s safety.

Secret data about the Swedish missile system has been made available to the public after a leakage at the Military Archives of Sweden, the daily newspaper Aftonbladet reported after the data surfaced on a Russian web forum.

The leakage was first observed at the beginning of 2017, when the Swedish Armed Forces discovered a number of classified documents available to the public on a website with military-historical content. The Swedish security police SÄPO was alerted, and soon it became apparent that the same documents had also been published on a Russian web forum.

The man who first released the content on the Swedish website was later found to be a frequent visitor to the War Archive in Stockholm.

According to the routine, the documents in questions should only be made accessible in a particular library room under strict supervision and confidentiality checks.

An archive employee however, was found to have ignored the “classified” prescription by allowing the visitor to photograph hundreds of pages of top secret data with his mobile phone. SÄPO’s preliminary investigation found that some of the data involves a missile system still in use and is therefore significant for the security of the Nordic country.

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