DoD Braces for Trump’s New ‘Devil Incarnate’ National Security Advisor Bolton

The looming April 9 first day on the job for Republican superhawk John Bolton as US President Donald Trump’s hand-picked national security advisor – replacing three-star General H.R. McMaster – has the Pentagon bracing for trouble.

Fears of increasing friction between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Trump White House in the wake of neoconservative Bolton’s installation as the president’s national security adviser have many career military staffers on edge, as the newest cabinet pick — although a stranger to combat — has a long history of avowing a ‘shoot first ask questions later’ doctrine.

Current US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who met with Bolton for the first time on Thursday, stated previously that he had “no reservations, no concerns at all,” in working alongside a notorious military hawk who previously resigned as the interim US ambassador to the United Nations during the presidency of George W. Bush when he realized that his official appointment to the position under a democratic-controlled Senate was unlikely.

Mattis was quoted as saying about Bolton: “Last time I checked he’s an American. I can work with an American, okay?” cited by The Hill.

Meeting Bolton on the steps of the Pentagon last week, reporters’ microphones clearly picked up the general greeting the civilian with the words: “Thank you for coming. It’s good to finally meet you. I heard you’re actually the devil incarnate.”

Mattis’s bantering tone…

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