Rabbi joins the RCAF chaplain team in Winnipeg

Captain (Rabbi) Noteh Glogauer confesses that joining the Canadian Armed Forces was not that difficult a decision for him to make. In fact, you could say it was destiny, or, in Yiddish, “beshert”.

He comes from a military family. “I’m the fourth consecutive family member to serve wherever we have lived,” says Captain Glogauer, whose formal attesting (enrolment) ceremony was held on November 29, 2017, at the Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba, is his first posting, and he still has to complete his basic training. “We are blessed to be able to welcome to Winnipeg our first military rabbi to the chaplain team,” said Major Hope Winfield, wing chaplain. “At chaplain services we are already working on plans for Captain Glogauer to provide various team opportunities for those who wish to learn more about the Jewish faith or areas for spiritual accommodation as leaders.”

“My father served with the South African Defence Forces in 1961,” says Captain Glogauer, who was born in South Africa into a traditional Jewish family. “South African soldiers who went up to North Africa to fight with the Allies against the Germans during the Second World War. My maternal great-grandfather fought for Germany in the First World War. He won the Iron Cross, first- and third-class. He dragged two injured officers back into the trenches. He was shot in the head but survived.”

Rabbi Glogauer is eager to embark on his new…

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