Erdogan ‘Saddened’ by Macron’s ‘Wrong Stance’ as France Deploys Forces to Manbij

Middle East

Earlier, Le Parisien reported, citing a representative of the delegation of the SDF, that the French authorities had decided to send troops to help the Kurdish militias in Syria’s Manbij.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has commented on the issue, saying that “saddened’ by France’s ‘wrong stance’ on the Syrian Kurdish forces.

Earlier in the day, his spokesman stated that the country declines Macron’s proposal on holding a dialogue with the Kurds via France’s mediation.

Turkey has a clear position on the PKK/YPG/PYD forces, which are trying to which try to masquearade as legitimate organizations hiding under the guise of the SDF. We believe that any initiative to establish a “dialogue, contacts and mediation” between Turkey and them are far from reality; we reject them. Countries, which we consider to be our partners and allies should also demonstrate a clear and tough stance on any manifestation of terrorism, rather than taking steps aimed at the legitimization of terrorist structures. Different names […] cannot hide the true face of these terror formations.”

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